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Restaurants in Asmara


The restaurants offer good value for money and all offer fast, efficient and friendly service. Italian cuisine and traditional Eritrean food complement each other. Eritreans tend to eat early. therefore there is a good chance most options on the menu will be 'finished' if you choose for a late diner. You can show your appreciation for the cook's work with the Tigrinya word tu'um (delicious).

On this page we show a selection of popular restaurants in Asmara and some menu listings as an example. The major hotels also offer a selection of both traditional and international cuisine. Exploring Asmara you may find unexpected value for money by entering some of the small restaurants popular by the Eritreans. You will be treated as a special guest.


Cherhi Bar or lunchroom north of the covered market, Asmara

Cherhi Recreation Center, build in 1983, resembles an air traffic control
tower. This restaurant has the best view in town. It is situated on a hill
north of the covered market. Where Asmara stretches out in all directions.
Cozy Bar and Restaurant with local and foreign dishes. Tel +2911 115054.



Restaurant The Mask Place - opposite to the Bistro Alba

Restaurant The Mask Place - opposite to the Bistro Alba.

Menu of Restaurat the Mask Place
The Mask Place
Hommos NFA 79
Baba ghannouj NFA 89
Tabouleh NFA 79
Tossed green salad NFA 90
Chef salad NFA 110
Patatoe salad NFA 95
Grill Special
(served with french fries)
Mask burger NFA 148
Original burger NFA 145
Cheese burger NFA 150
Fish burger NFA 185
Grilled fish NFA 250
Fish kebab NFA 250
Steak Sandwich NFA 185
Mask Special
Shewarma sandwich NFA 155
Habiyaki NFA 165
hewarma combination plate NFA 185
Tuna salad sandwich NFA 135
Ham & cheese sandwich NFA 125
Fish nuggets & french fries NFA 225
Penne alla arrabiata NFA 120
Roast beef sandwich NFA 155
Side order
French fries

NFA 95

Hot drinks
Coffee NFA 14
Tea NFA 12
Cappuccino NFA 18
Macchiato NFA 14
Cold drinks
Imported soft drinks NFA 40
Fresh orange juice NFA 45
Asmara beer NFA 120
Carbonated mineral water NFA 15
All prices quoted in February 2017 when 1 US$ = 15 Nakfa
Prices and exchange rates may be subject to change.



China Star Restaurant Knowledge Street Asmara

China Star Restaurant Knowledge Street (close to the Nyala Hotel).
Serves buffet lunch every Thursday at noon 190 Nakfa (February 2017)
+ 5% tax. Take away service. Outside catering. Telephone +2911 125853.

Buffet lunch at China Star Restaurant Knowledge Street

Buffet lunch at China Star Restaurant Knowledge Street.



Castello (Italian) Restaurant - Gejeret.    



Sembel Huts near Sembel Residentional Complex Asmara

Sembel Huts (near the Sembel Residential Complex), offers conference
and seminar rooms, restaurant and disco, live music, both traditional and
 international and midnight barbeque two times a week (Friday/Saturday).



Sudan Reataurant Asmara

There are countless little restaurants in Asmara like the Sudan Res-
taurant opposite to the Khartoum Hotel (100m from Cinema Impero).



Mai Sirwa Recreation Center and Restaurant

Mai Sirwa Recreation Center and Restaurant 2km off the Road to Keren.



Hamasien Restaurant - Street No 176-21 # 19/21 Asmara Eritrea
Hamasien Restaurant menu Nakfa
National dishes 150 - 275
Soup 100 - 175
Vegetables and salads 100 - 175
Fried Chips 175
Pasta's 125 - 200
Meat dishes 150 - 300
Omelettes 150 - 180
Fish dishes 200 - 300
Pasta or rice with second dish 200 - 300
Sandwiches 125 - 175
Pizza's 175 - 225
Juices 30 - 100
Soft drinks 10 - 20
Hot drinks 10 - 15
Wines small / local 70 - 200
Deserts 40





Hamasien Restaurant
Street no 176/21 House 19/21 - PO Box 2475 Asmara Eritrea
Tel 122981 Mob 07 111760 Goitom Gebregziabiher (manager)

All prices quoted in February 2017 when 1 US$ = 15 Nakfa
Prices and exchange rates may be subject to change.




Ararat Restaurant opened its doors in 2011. The restaurant focuses on customer friendly efficiency and today's quality standards. It is a very modern and clean restaurant located on the Asmara Ring Road, not far from Bahti Meskerem Square.
Breakfast Nakfa
Kitcha fitfit 70 - 85
Omelet with meat or tuna or ham 75
Foul 45 - 60
Frittata 50
Ararat special sandwich 110
Ham or cheeseburger  95 - 105
Roasted beef burger 130
Sandwiches 50 -130
French fries 80
Medium - large 240 - 260
Family pizza (as customers choice) 300
Salads 50 - 60
Soup 50 - 60
Main course  
Spaghetti or macheroni 115 - 130
Lasagna or tagliatelle 170
Tibsi filetto (with bread) 190
Gored gored 190
Second dish  
Fillet steak with red wine 210
Fish or shrimp 200 - 230
Red snapper chily sauce 240
Traditional food
Tibsi 190
Kitfo 230
Traditional Mixed Vegetable 130
Shiro 110
Macedonia 70
Sliced papaya 65
Fruit juices 35 - 70
Hot drinks (tea, coffee, milk) 8 - 25
Soft drinks or water 12 - 40
Alcoholic drinks (local) 10
Alcoholic drinks (imported)  100 - 140
Wines (local) 200
Wines (imported) 700 - 950

10% sales tax included
All prices quoted in February 2017 when 1 US$ = 15 Nakfa
Prices and exchange rates may be subject to change.


Ararat Restaurant
Pizza - Grill - Catering

Sahel Street (Mai Timket)
PO Box 12207 Asmara - Eritrea
Tel +2911 111947
Mob +2917 122243
Fax +2911 201645


For those of you that prefer to see and choose the food you prefer, the Pyramid Buffet Restaurant is opened all day long, for breakfast, lunch and diner (pasta, pizza, rice, injera, bread, meat, fish, sauce and salads).

The Pyramid restaurant is located  next to the Red Sea Trading Corporation (BDHO Avenue

Pyramid Buffet Restaurants Asmara Eritrea
Tel +2911 114366
PO Box 6727
Asmara Eritrea


  • Five kind of buffet 170 - 360 NFA

  • Pizza's 200 - 275 NFA

  • Sandwich 80-150 NFA

  • Fruit juices 18-25 NFA

  • Fruit salad 30 NFA

  • Hot drinks 6-13 NFA


10% sales tax included
 All prices quoted in February 2017 when 1 US$ = 15 Nakfa
Prices and exchange rates may be subject to change.


 Spaghetti & Pizza House - Harnet Avenue Asmara Eritrea.

16 variaties of pizza's 135 - 255 NFA
Pasta's 120 -170 NFA
Fish dishes 200 - 245 NFA
Meat dishes 195-200 NFA
Salads 65-85 NFA

10% sales tax included
All prices quoted in February 2017 when 1 US$ = 15 Nakfa
Prices and exchange rates may be subject to change.


Silver Star Restaurant - Setanta Otto near American Center
 Asmara Eritrea +2911 112944 Mobile +2917 142018


Tsehaye Restaurant - Gegeret near Dawit Caravel Furniture
Asmara Eritrea. . Mobile +2917 138118


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