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May 24th 2000



Bars and pastry's in Asmara


Bar Royal Asmara - Cash receipt

The choice in the cafes in Asmara is vast and all offer fast, efficient and friendly service. Prices are good value (10 - 15 Nakfa for mineral water (ask for mai gaz )), 15 - 25 Nakfa for an Asmara beer, 25 - 40 Nakfa for Coca Cola).

The numerous pastry shops in Asmara serve a selection of freshly baked iced or plain cakes, pizzette (mini pizza) or donuts for 15 Nakfa or less, along with coffee, tea, puréed fruit juice or soft drinks.


Red Sea Pasty - Asmara - Eritrea

There is always a smile for the customer - Red Sea Pasty - Asmara.

Cathedral Snack Bar - Harnet Avenue - Asmara -Eritrea

Cathedral Snack Bar - Harnet Avenue Asmara.

Price list of Cathedral Snack Bar
Juices Jumbo Medium Small
1 Sprise (take away)     15
2 Mango juice 48 38 28
3 Papaya juice 48 38 28
4 Ananas juice 48 38 28
5 Zeitun juice 48 38 28
6 Orange juice 48 38 28
7 Cathedral special 48 38 28
8 Banana with milk 48 38 28
Hot drinks
1 Capuccino 15
2 Milk 15
3 Macchiato 12
4 Coffee 12
5 Tea 10
6 Cake 10 - 15
Soft Drinks
1 Coca Cola (Sudan) 30
2 Coca Cola (tin) 35
3 Mineral water (large) 30
4 Mineral water (small) 22
1 Take away lapisma 50
2 Fritata 50
3 Fritata with cheese 70
4 Fritata with sardines 70
5 Silsi with egg 60
7 Ful with butter 60
8 Ful with olive oil 50
9 Ful with simsen 50
10 Ful mixed 60
11 Kitcha silsil 70
12 Kitcha sprise 100
13 Kidney with bread 90
14 Kidney with injera 100
15 Omelete 70
1 Hamburger 70
2 Cheeseburger 80
3 Alla bismarck 80
4 Cathedral sandwich 90
5 Beefsteak 70
6 Mozzarella 70
7 Mozzarella with egg 70
8 Egg 45
9 French fries 80


All prices quoted in October 2014 when 1 US$ = 15 Nakfa
Prices and exchange rates may be subject to change


Cathedral Snack Bar - Harnet Avenue - Asmara - Eritrea

Waitress - City Center Snack Bar - Asmara Eritrea.

City Park - Asmara - Eritrea

City Park Asmara (the stairs lead to the Presidents Office).

American Bar - Harnet Avenue - Asmara - Eritrea

Must try! Bbrssy Donut House: best donuts in Asmara. Located just behind
 the Ambassador hotel, this pastry offers the best selection of baked items:
 caramel donuts, baklava, marble cakes and Italian pastries are made daily.
 Cocktail size pastries, wedding and birthday cakes can be made to order.

Bar d'Aosta - Andennet Avenue - Asmara - Eritrea

Bar d'Aosta - Andennet Avenue Asmara.

Casa degli Italiani - Asmara - Eritrea

Casa degli Italiani was created for the resident Italians in Eritrea
as a place to gather. Do not let the sign saying for members only
prevent you from going in, to enjoy a drink or a light snack.

Palm Bar and Restaurant - Asmara - Eritrea

Traditional Palm Bar and Restaurant - Asmara.

Sweet Asmara Caffee - Harnet Avenue - Asmara - Eritrea

Interior of the City Cake Caffee and pastry - Harnet Avenue Asmara.
16 different cakes, donuts and other pastry for 15 Nakfa or less.

Modern Pastry - Harnet Avenue - Asmara - Eritrea

Damera bar, pastry & pension - Harnet Avenue Asmara


Damera Pension

The Damera pension is wonderfully located on Godena Harenet in the heart of Asmara. The area has excellent public transportation connections and offers a vast choices of shops.

This nice and cozy pension is perfect for a couple, group of people, tourists and business travelers. Situated on the first floor, it has a modern decorum and is elegantly furnished. There are double and single rooms with access to balcony.

Each room has showers & feature color television with multi sky channel, direct dial telephone, refrigerator & internet access.

Damera Cafe bar is located on the ground floor. Refreshments can be served in your room. The reception is open to take orders and answer any questions.




Booking can be done in person or by phone on +291 (1) 124855 or 116944.
Reservation is open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

247 Godena Herenet, Asmara Eritrea.




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