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Asmara public buses


Public transport is well organized in Asmara. with new Brazilian, Korean and Chinese buses, and Toyota and Mitsubishi mini buses that have specific stops where they can be boarded.

The fare is 2 Nakfa in Asmara up to 5 Nakfa for the 15km trip to Arbarobu.

The fare for a shared cab is 10-20 Nakfa within the city of Asmara (following the route of the bus). A contracted taxi will charge you 40 - 200 Nakfa. Negotiate the price in advance.

The buses are operated from 6.00 in the morning until 21.00 in the evening.

Long distance buses are operating between Asmara and various other cities in the country.


Long distance busses to Massawa - Asmara - Eritrea

"Massawa,  Massawa!", "Batse, Batse". King Long and Mitsubishi
mini buses at the  bus station north of the covered markets of
Asmara. They will wait until the seats are occupied and than leave
 the bus depot for the three hours ride to Red Sea port Massawa.



Public Transport Zoba Maakel - Edaga Arbi Asmara Eritrea.

The routes of the local buses are:

Line number 0

Line number 1


Public bus on Harnet Avenue - Asmara - Eritrea

Line no 1 on Harnet Avenue Asmara heading for the airport.

Line number 2

Line number 3

Line number 4

Line number 5

Logo of the Asmara Bus Company

Line number 6

Mede Ertra bus station - Asmara - Eritrea

Mede Ertra bus station (Eritrea Square) - Asmara Eritrea.

Line number 7

Line number 8

Bus ticket of Gemel Public Transport
Gemel Public Transport

Busses of Gemel Public Transport

The mini buses follow the routes of the public buses.
They are faster, not numbered and generally more congested.

Line number 9

Logo of Gemel Public Transport

Line number 10 (operated by Public Transport Zoba Maakel)


Line number 11

Line number 12

Bus stop at Harnet Avenue - Asmara - Eritrea

Line no 12 at the bus stop in Harnet Avenue Asmara.

Line number 13

Line number 15


Public Transport Zoba Maakel

Casher selling tickets in the back of an Asmara public bus

Casher selling tickets in the back of an Asmara public bus

Line number 16

Line number 17


Line number 18


Line number 19

Line number 20

Line number 22


Line number 24

Line number 25

Line number 26

Line number 29

Asmara Bus Company

  • Abba Shaul
  • Woki Duba

Bus of the Asmara Bus Company

Abba Shaul - Woki Duba - operated by the Asmara Bus Company.



On Harnet Avenue the buses number 1, 4, 8, 12, 13, 16, 19 and 20 will stop in front of the Cathedral / Ministry of Education.

On Harnet Avenue the buses number 1, 2, 7, 11, 14, 15 and 17 will stop in front of Photo Zubier / City Cake Cafe.

Attractive destinations (for tourists).

Taxis can be hailed anywhere along the main city streets. If your destination is along a main route and you are in a shared cab, the fare is 10-20 Nakfa per person.

Eritrean taxis are not metered. Therefore negotiate the price before getting into the taxi!

If your destination requires deviations from the regular routes (contract) you will be charged 40-200 Nakfa. 

Taxi receipt - Association of Taxi Owners - Asmara

Taxi fares double in the evening and you pay extra for any luggage carried (transfer from airport to your hotel may cost up to 500 Nakfa).


Modern Kia taxi - Asmara - Eritrea


Taxi's can also be contracted as an efficient means of transport to various Eritrean towns and villages. These are some examples of prices for the longer distances:

Asmara - Massawa or Adi Keih (120 km) 3000 Nakfa (per contracted taxi)
Asmara - Keren (90 km) 2500 Nakfa
Asmara - Mendefera (60 km) 1500 Nakfa
Asmara - Dekemhare (40 km) 1000 Nakfa
Asmara - Ghinda (50 km) 1200 Nakfa
Asmara - Nefasit (25 km) 1000 Nakfa

All prices quoted in May 2018 when 1 US$ = 15 Nakfa
Prices and exchange rates may be subject to change

The prices of the contracted taxi's may vary, since they are dependent upon the fuel used, the mood of the driver and your own ability to negotiate a good price.


Ocbamichael Mhreteab - Taxi Asmara  Aron Abrha - Taxi Asmara


Long distance buses in Eritrea are not crowded because it is illegal for passengers to stand in the aisle. There are organized breakfast and/or lunch stops on longer trips. The driver will let everyone off the bus for 20 minutes or so for a meal, a drink and the use of a toilet. Calculate at least one hour for every 40 kilometer between the major destinations.

When traveling to remote places, like Assab, Nacfa, Tessenei or Senafe, make reservations for the return trip in advance, to prevent you will find yourself stuck in a remote place!


Long distance bus to Mendefera - Edaga Hamus bus station

Local private bus (Edaga Hamus bus station)

Prices of the tickets for these buses:

Asmara - Assab (700 km partly dirt road) 205 Nakfa
Asmara - Massawa (120 km) 32 Nakfa
Asmara - Ghinda (48 km) 13 Nakfa
Asmara - Nefasit (25km) 7 Nakfa

Asmara - Keren (91 km) 26 Nakfa
Asmara - Agordat (172 km) 46 Nakfa
Asmara - Barentu (238 km) 64 Nakfa
Asmara - Tessenei (357 km) 96 Nakfa

Keren - Nacfa (130 km partly dirt road) 50 Nakfa

21/05/2004 Mendefera - Asmara 9.50 Nakfa

Asmara - Mendefera (60 km) 18 Nakfa
Asmara - Adi Quala (85 km) 26 Nakfa

Asmara - Dekemhare (40 km) 12 Nakfa
Asmara - Adi Keih (110 km) 31 Nakfa
Asmara - Senafe (135 km) 38 Nakfa

All prices quoted in May 2018 when 1 US$ = 15 Nakfa
Prices and exchange rates may be subject to change

Be prepared that you may be expected to pay the full price for covering only part of the distance (for instance if you choose to take the Massawa bus to visit Ghinda). I should stress that you are not overcharged because you are a foreigner.

Larger and older buses may be terribly slow, every other vehicle on the road passing your choice of transport with amazing velocity. So judge the quality of the bus before buying your ticket (if alternatives are available). Fast Toyota mini buses may charge an up to 250% surcharge on prices mentioned above.

Public Transport Zoba Maakel also rents mini buses (30 persons) for 3000-4000 Nakfa per day (driver inclusive). 


Asmara / Zoba Maakel Public Transport
Phone +2911 Fax PO Box
Asmara Bus Company 118025/114207 127670 853
Eritrea Public Transport 118443
Gemel Public Transport 161348
Public Transport Service of Eritrea 159246
Public Transport Maakel Region 200205/200207
Satae Company 161567 814



Main bus stations in Asmara and other landmarks in the center of Asmara.
Main bus stations in Asmara and other landmarks

1 Mede Ertra bus station
         (local buses only)
      2 Massawa/Ghinda/
      3 Greater Asmara
      4 Keren/Dekemhare/Mendefera/
         Adi Keih/Senafe

1 Nda Mariam Cathedral
     2 Catholic Cathedral
     3 Kidane Mehret Church
     4 Greek Orthodox Church

     6 Lutheran Church

1 Kulafa Al Rashidin
        (Grand Mosque)
     2 Haji Ibrahim Mohammed
     3 Sjeik Abdul Kader Al

2 Hospitem
         (Italian Hospital)
      3 Selam Policlinic
      7 Edaga Hamus Maternity

1 Cinema Capitol
      2 Cinema Odeon
      3 Asmara Theatre
      4 Impero Cinema
      5 Dante Cinema
      9 Cinema Cathedral

10 Ambassador Hotel
      11 Albergo Italia
           (Keren Hotel)
      12 Selam Hotel


5 Ibrahim Sultan School
      9 Cathedral School
    12 Arab school
    14 St Mary's School

1 President's Office
      2 Min. of Foreign Affairs
      3 Min. of Finance
      4 Ministry of Local
      5 Ministry of Education
      6 Ministry of Health
      8 Ministry of Tourism
      9 Ministry of Justice
    10 Ministry of Transport
         and Communications
    15 Ministry of Energy &


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