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Transport in / to Asmara


Virtually everything in the city can be reached by walking. Indeed walking is the most attractive way to discover Asmara.

Public transport is well organized in Asmara. Buses and mini buses have specific stops where they can be boarded. The fare is two Nakfa.

Alternatively you can choose to take a taxi. The fare for a shared cab is 10 - 20 Nakfa per seat within the city of Asmara. The price of a contracted taxi will be 40 - 300 Nakfa within the Asmara perimeter (negotiate the price in advance!).

Long distance buses are operating between Asmara and various other cities in the country.


Asmara International Airport

Asmara International Airport. Phone +2911 181822.

Office of Eritrean Airlines Harnet Avenue Asmara

Eritrean Airlines ticketing office - Harnet Avenue +2911 202448

Mede Ertra bus station near the covered markets Asmara

One of the five bus terminals  in Asmara. This is the depot for the
buses to Keren and Agordat, near the the Kidane Mehret Church.

Bus station of the Gemal Public Transport

Bus station of the Gemal Public Transport (mini buses) run by ex soldiers.

Old Asmara taxi on the Airport Road Asmara

Eritrean taxis are the ultimate testimony to Eritrean technical
skills. Many of the older taxis are of indeterminate age and
probably have few, if any, original parts left in them.

Old Fiat Cinquecentos and other cars from the sixties are a common
sight. (Asmara, Airport Road near the Sembel Residential Complex).

Small Asmara taxi on Harnet Avenue Asmara

Take your video camera with you and hire this cab to have
private site-seeing. Make sure you speek Italian or Tigrinya to
explain where you want to go. (Asmara Harnet Avenue).

Horse-drawn gharis near the covered market of Asmara

I love my horse (he wrote on the back of the buggy). These kind of
horse-drawn gharis are used for small transports to the market.

They usualy do not carry any passengers. If you do try to rent them
as a taxi, you may be called zulul (female:zululti (nuts)).

The Asmara railway station

The Asmara railway station. The Massawa - Asmara track was
reconstructed in 2003. Read more about the Eritrean Railway.

Old Fiat truck near the Sembel Residentional Complex

Fiat truck (1934). Trucks like these are used for the transport of wa-
ter to the districts and villages not connected to public waterworks.

Small truck in Asmara

Modern trucks and small scale transport go hand in hand in Asmara.

Ethiopian rucksack tourists in front of their backpacker budget hotel in Asmara Eritrea

Modern trucks and small scale transport go hand in hand in Asmara.


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