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Theatres and Stadium of Asmara


There are nine movie houses in Asmara. The cinemas have regular English, Italian and Indian films which are dubbed or have subtitles. The older and larger movie houses were build during the Italian period and are of architectural interest.

Eritrea has no tradition in drama. It is only today that theater is growing more popular in Eritrea as a channel of artistic expression. Original Eritrean theater often takes the struggle against Ethiopian domination as a major theme and usually displays a political sensitivity.


Impero Cinema Asmara at Harnet Avenue Asmara

Impero Cinema Asmara (1938) at Harnet Avenue Asmara

Asmara Theatre or Opera House

Asmara Theatre or Opera House (1920) next to the
Asmara Telecommunications Office - Harnet Avenue.

Capitol Cinema Asmara

Capitol Cinema Asmara (1937) started its activity
under the name of Cinema Teatro Augustus

Odeon Cinema.

Odeon Cinema.

Cinema Roma, Martyrs Avenue Asmara

Cinema Roma, Martyrs Avenue Asmara   (1937)   first known as
Cinema Excelsior. The facade is decorated with precious marble.

September First Stadium Asmara

September First Stadium Asmara (a parade ground), so
 called to commemorate the beginning of the armed struggle.
 In former times known as Red Square and is now referred to
 as Bahti Meskerem. It is also a shopping and business mall.


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