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Sports facilities in Asmara


Asmara offers a lot of sport facilities, both for the Eritreans and for tourists. The Eritrean national sports are football and cycling.

Italian colonization gave Eritreans their passion for cycle-racing. Eritrea is Africa's top cycling nation. The cycling federation organizes bike races at regional and interclub levels, as well as to celebrate national holidays. One of the toughest races in the country takes place on the Asmara-Keren road. The best cyclists in the country go on to race in international competitions, such as the Tour de France or the Giro d'Italia.

Volleyball is becoming increasingly popular, especially amoung young woman, and there are local and national competitions

Sport Areas

  • Asmara Stadium
  • Horse Racing at "Track C"
  • Sembel Residentional Housing Tennis Court
  • Bete Giorgis Tennis Court
  • American Embassy Tennis Court
  • Voce-Filgia Volley-ball and Basket-ball

Indoor sport areas

  • Bowling Center
  • Warsa Recreation Center
  • Cassa-Degli-Italia
  • Hotel Intercontinental
  • Corea Housing Complex
  • Asmara Swimming Pool


Bicycle racing at Harnet Avenue - Asmara

Bicycle racing at Harnet Avenue - Asmara

Stadium Asmara

Stadium Asmara

Asmara covered swimming pool

Asmara covered swimming pool located behind the Awraja Court

Asmara Bowling Center

Asmara Bowling Center

Asmara sports complex

Asmara sports complex.

Eri-United presents: The long expected Eritrean soccer shirt.

Eri-United presents: The long expected Eritrean soccer shirt.
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