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Asmara University and Schools


Education is well organized in Eritrea. Tuition is subsidized by the government and studies relevant to the development of Eritrea are their main focus. In the first ten years of independence, Eritrea has invested heavily in education. School enrollment increased by 270% at the Elementary and middle levels and by 185% at high School level. 

Education starts at the age of five with two years for social interaction and adjustment of behavioral reaction. Thereafter follow five years of Elementary School at the age of seven until grade five, where the children learn to read and write, operations, mathematics, biography, geography, Eritrean history, singing, arts and sports.

Primary education is followed by two years of middle School (grade 6 and 7) where the subjects mentioned above are deepened. Finally there is four years of Secondary School (grade 8 to 11) with the subjects physics, chemistry, biologics, history, geography, mathematics, English and civics.


Orthodox Christian Church School of Asmara

The low buildings at the entrance to Nda Mariam are
part of the Orthodox Christian Church School of Asmara.

Catholic school at the Cathedral compound - Harnet Avenue Asmara

Catholic School at the Cathedral compound - Harnet Avenue.

Barka Secondary School Knowledge Street Asmara

Barka Secondary School Knowledge Street Asmara.

Semaetat Secondary School Asmara

Semaetat Secondary School Asmara.

Italian School - Scuola Italiana di Asmara

Italian School - Scuola Italiana di Asmara.



Schools in Asmara
Name PO Box Phone +2911 Fax
Abreha Bahta School for the blind 309 181442 182082  
Adulis Elementary School   116411  
Akria Elementary School   161682  
Akria Junior School   162877  
Al-Amal  Anumuzagia Elementary & Junior Arabic School 858 121014 124263  
Arbaete Asmara Elementary & Junior Secondary School   116891  
Asmara Comprehensive Secondary School   161220  
Asmara International Community School 4941 161705  
Asmara School of Nursing   117121 117232 125172  
Bahti Meskerem Junior Secondary School   161235  
Bana Junior Secondary School   182362  
Barka Secondary School   118444  
Beilul Elementary School   182211  
Dahlak Elementary School   117610  
Dalul Junior Secondary School   115686  
Debresala Elementary School   116212  
Denden Secondary School   118840 119404  
Dogali Elementary School   161136  
Embatekera Elementary School   161633  
Expo Elementary School   181485  
Felege Hiwet Elementary School   186409  
Finote Tibeb Elementary & Junior Secondary School   181376  
Firehiwet Elementary School   161211  
Gash Elementary School   181393  
Gejeret Elementary School   116248  
Ghinbot 24 Elementary School   186873  
Godaif Elementary School   182101  
Hadnet Junior Secondary School   119166  
Hagos International School 4927 120124  
Halai Comprehensive  Secondary School   181156  
Hamid Idris Awate Elementary School   161662  
Harbegnatat Junior Secondary School 508 115683  
Ibrahim Sultan Secondary School   117799  
Isak Teweldemedhin Secondary School   117334 118886  
Keyih Bahri Comprehensive Secondary School   116340 117529  
Kohaito Elementary School   116726  
Lalmba Elementary School   115495  
Limaat Secondary School   116584 202505  
Maarnet Elementary School   162675  
Mai Temenai Elementary Junior School   161380  
Mai Chehot Elementary School   119056  
Medeber Elementary School   114408  
Meqeyro Elementary School   128041  
Mereb Elementary School   186484  
Midri Babur Elementary School   114784  
Mirana Elementary School   161292  
Model Elementary School   115661  
Natsinet Elementary School   181044  
Natsinet Junior Secondary School   186500  
Salina Elementary School   115310  
Sawra Elementary School   162560  
Scuola dell'Infanzia Italiana M. Montessori 5230 125798 121576
Scuola Elementare Italiana M. Buonarroti 5230 125798 121576
Scuola Media Italiana A. Volta 830   121061
       Liceo Italiano G. Marconi 5554   121161
Scuola Tipografica Francescana   120630 121744  
Semaatat Secondary School 3298 116423 122961  
Sembel Elementary & Junior Secondary School   154462 181462  
Semenawi Asmara Elementary School   161539  
Simret Elementary School   161316  
Solomuna Elementary School   161402  
Tokor Secondary School   159061  
Warsai Middle School (MoE)   161811  
Asmara University
Name PO Box Phone +2911 Fax
University of Asmara 1220 161926 162236
College of Health Science   124761  
Ministry of Education
Name PO Box Phone +2911 Fax
Ministry of Education 1056 116644 127817 118351
Ministry of Education School   117933  
Ministry of Education Technical School   126420  
Ministry of Education Warsai Middle School   161811  


Keih Bahri Comprehensive Secondary School Asmara

Keih Bahri Comprehensive Secondary School Asmara.

The University of Asmara Eritrea

The University of Asmara, where more then 2000 day students are
enrolled in a four-year degree program and approximately 700
evening students are pursuing two-year extension diploma courses.

The University of Asmara was originally founded in 1954 as the
Holy Family University Institute by the Missionary Congregation
Piae Matres Nigritiae of the Comboni Sisters. The university
currently has the Colleges of Science, Arts and Language studies,
Business and Economics, Agriculture and Aquatic Sciences, as well
as the Engineering Program, Education Program and Law program.

The Center for Testing and Training Institute Asmara

The Center for Testing and Training Institute Asmara located near
the post-office, once used for basic and applied research, is now
used for conferences, lectures, testing and training.

The Center for Testing and Training Institute Asmara.

The Center for Testing and Training Institute Asmara.

Truck of the Asmara driving school

Truck of the Asmara driving School.


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